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Iqra Academy

We are at present Recruiting Teachers please see          Recruitment

Last Updated (Friday, 27 July 2012 16:34)


Welcome to Iqra Academy Independent Secondary School for Girls.

Iqra Academy is Peterborough’sĀ  only GirlsĀ  Secondary School and is open to receiving applications from both Muslim and non-Muslim students.

Our aim is to provide our students with the full GCSE syllabus in an Islamic Enviroment.


The site is located no more than 10 minutes drive from Peterborough city centre. The site is fully enclosed with no access to the general public.

The Academy is well resourced and has excellent ICT facilities .



Last Updated (Monday, 15 October 2012 17:00)


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Hadith week5

Abu Hurairah (Allah be pleased with him) narrates a hadith from our beloved Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) which means;

“Any important work started without reciting Bismilla Hir Rahma Nir Rahim remain incomplete and unsuccessful.”

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